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1.74 High Index Lenses Online. They are lighter too. meaning less annoying nose slide. Their refractive index rises above 1.59 and can range from 1.60 to 1.74.

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Catering for all prescriptions. we have a wide variety of plastic high index lenses ranging from standard plastic 1.5 index to top of the range super thin plastic 1.74 index double aspheric lenses. 1.61 index lenses are approx. Buy in monthly payments with affirm on orders over $50.

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Why are high index lenses so expensive? We use a range from 1.5. 1.6. 1.67 to 1.74.

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The result is a flatter. more attractive. lower volume. thinner lens than was previously possible. The benefits of high index.

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If your prescription is high and your lenses are large. it can result in your eyes looking smaller or larger. depending on whether you are near or farsighted. We use a range from 1.5. 1.6. 1.67 to 1.74.

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1.67 index lenses are approx. The thinner lens is much more flattering. reducing the distortion that high prescriptions cause when made with.

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Lens indexing is a numbering system — the higher the index. the thinner the lens. Of course. high index lenses are in a separate category precisely because their refractive index is far above the rest.

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High index lenses have a reputation for being expensive. Thus. anything above 1.59 on the index is considered high index.

High Index 1.74 Single Vision Will Be Great For You If You Have A Really Strong Prescription And Are Looking For A Thin And Light Lens.

Every job is completed and verified by licensed opticians at our usa lab. The offers start from the £69 frames and frames with sprung hinges which tend to be better quality start from £85. Our 1.74 high index lenses online have 100% uv protection. letting replacealens help keep you safe and comfortable at the same time.

All Lenses Include Free Scratch Guard. And Perfect Mounting Into Your Frame.

Do you need 1.74 index lenses? Premium progressive high index 1.74 lenses. 1.67 index lenses are approx.

They Are Recommended For Those With Higher Prescriptions And Are Looking For A Thinner Lens Option For Cosmetic Appeal.

The benefits of high index. Are there any decent and affordable sites out stores out there that offer 1.74 index lenses for high prescription glasses? Their refractive index rises above 1.59 and can range from 1.60 to 1.74.

Lenses Made With Standard Plastic.

At our online store you can get high index lens glasses for less than 90 dollars. which is a price you can’t really argue with. 40% thinner than 1.5 index lenses; High index lenses reduce this effect.

The Result Is A Flatter. More Attractive. Lower Volume. Thinner Lens Than Was Previously Possible.

Plastic high index lenses thickness guide. 1.74 high index material is the thinnest and flattest available for prescription glasses. However. the more you pay does mean your lenses will be thinner and lighter.