10 Best Feline Horror Films, According To IMDb

Idris Elba stars in Baltasar Korm├íkur .’s new survival horror film Monster, which was shown in theaters last month. At a time of concern about global climate and the decline of ecosystems, it makes sense for filmmakers to turn their attention to the environmental horror subgenre to express these concerns, but the killer cat concept is by no means original.

Cat creatures have taken center stage in some of the most horrific horrors in movie history. From bloodthirsty lions and tigers, to cat-like vampires and vicious domestic cats, these films make their fans look differently at the animal wrapped in their arms. Here are the best feline horrors ranked according to their IMDb ratings.

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10 Wild (2007) – 4.7

Based on true events, Daryl Roodt’s survival horror film tells the story of a family vacation that goes wrong when they find themselves lost in a game reserve and hunted by lions. The film’s somber slogan reads, “Here you are the endangered species.”

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Many viewers have likened the plot to Stephen King’s plot kojo But with Black, claiming that the entire movie is basically the climax of the 80-minute classic novel. It also shares similarities with Monster The same, which was released sixteen years later.

9 Sleepers (1992) – 5.3

In addition to writing novels about killer dogs, legendary author Stephen King has written his fair share of feline horrors. one of these horrors, SleepwalkersIt was the first King film ever written on screen first. It centers around a mother and son duo of energy vampires who transform into cat-like creatures but are afraid of cats.

The film is a foray into the more exotic side of King’s imagination. Fans of the film are often reluctant to admit their admiration, perhaps due to its campy nature and frightening portrayal of the mother-son relationship.

8 Prooi (Prey) (2016) – 5.3

Dutch horror/thriller broy (Prey in English) It shares with the aforementioned name the hypothesis of a lion wreaking havoc, but with one crucial difference; This lion is stalking its prey through the streets of Amsterdam rather than an African reserve.

Director Dick Maas has been credited with executing outlandish concepts, including killer elevators, in lowest The killer divers in Amsterdam Ned. It’s no surprise, then, that his latest movie was well received by fans, despite it being considered a failure in its homeland.

7 The Stranger (1977) – 5.7

In this anthology film, Peter Cushing plays a horror writer who believes cats are supernatural beings more powerful than humans realize. In an effort to get others to believe him, he wrote a book of three tales that illustrate these ideas.

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The stories depict three novels of cat revenge, which take place in London, Quebec, and Hollywood, respectively. Critics may describe the concept as funny, but fans argue that it’s an enjoyable movie that is best appreciated when approached with imagination and an open mind.

6 Bright Burn (2010) – 5.8

The premise in which a woman and her younger brother are trapped in a house with a vicious tiger during a hurricane seems a bit complicated, but is effectively implemented in the horror/thriller by Carlos Brooks. bright burning.

Fans praise the film as an engaging, intense, and fear-inducing thriller without relying on blood or high body count to do so. IMDb’s overall rating may be hurt by the far-fetched nature of the plot, but the thought of falling into a place where people should feel safe is what makes the movie so disturbing.

5 Monster (2022) – 5.9

Idris Elba led the survival movie Monster Shares a concept with its predecessor victim, but with a modern and elegant execution. In it, a rogue lion pursues Dr. Nate Samuels (Elba) and his teenage daughters while on vacation at the Mopani Reserve.

write to Rogert EbertCritic Oddy Henderson highlights the similarities between the two films The Lion, but admits it Monster “Requires a lot of suspension of disbelief.” Some viewers are less forgiving, while others enjoy the straightforward nature of this action-packed picture.

4 Cat People (1982) – 6.2

Exciting horror movie cat People It stars Nastassja Kinski as a young woman whose sexual impulses turn her into a black panther. The film is a remake of the 1942 movie of the same name, with many fans of the original film lauding this retelling of the story, even if they still preferred the old version.

The respected IMDb rating reflects the film’s hypnotic impact on audiences. The performances of the actors are credited with positive reviews, but it is generally understood why the film may be viewed as too much in the eyes of some viewers.

3 Cat’s Eye (1985) – 6.3

Likes the strangerStephen King cat eye It is an anthology horror movie, but unlike its predecessor, cats are not the villains in these stories. Instead, they are told from the perspective of a stray cat who is the ingredient that holds together the terrifying tales.

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At the time of its release, critics heralded the film as one of the best adaptations of Stephen King’s work to date. Fans seem to agree, generally describing the movie as fun and interesting. It’s no surprise, then, that it remains one of the most highly-rated horrors of a Qatari creature to this day.

2 Votes (2014) – 6.3

Ryan Reynolds stars in this offbeat comedy horror movie as a man who is motivated to commit a series of murders by his talking cat, while his talking dog looks on disapprovingly. It is not surprising that sounds It baffled critics and viewers alike upon its release, but it has since gone on to achieve cult status due to its unconventional themes, hilarious plot and bloody aesthetic.

The dark nature of the movie may be the reason it slipped under the radar, with Reynolds complaining Twitter That she “never got her day in court”, but her strong IMDb rating is a testament to her positive reception by those who caught her.

1 Pet Sematary (1989) – 6.5

One of the most famous horror films depicting a diagonal creature at its center is Mary Lambert’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Animal Cemetery. Although the Creed family’s cat, Church, is not the main focus of the classic tale, it helps push the plot forward when, after his untimely death, he is buried in the pet breed and is then brought back to life, but has been altered.

The movie was remade in 2019, but the difference in movie ratings on IMDb reveals attitudes toward the original movie and its remake. Lambert’s film stays true to the novel and makes for a more realistic and chilling portrayal of this classic king, which sees it reigning as the highest rated feline horror movie according to IMDb.

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