6 Best Beaches near ORLANDO, Florida to Visit in Fall 2022

Some of the great destinations to walk around and relax include Natural parks, historical sites and sandy beaches.

Below, you will find a hand-picked list of the 6 best Florida beaches near Orlando, which travelers can visit during holidays and weekends to have a good time.

1. New Smyrna

This beautiful beach is only an hour’s drive from the city. It occupies 13 miles on the Atlantic coast. Passengers can reach the beach using private vehicles; However, the user is charged for driving to the beach.

There is a wide range of activities that people can enjoy there. The high waves, coastal architecture and character make the coast a prime spot for surfers. It is also suitable for travelers who want a relaxing destination with hidden adventures.

It is also possible to cycle along the well-groomed coastal sand – individuals who want to have more fun in the waves. The pure sand is also ideal for sunbathing and horse riding.

Visiting this beach can never be boring. Travelers can visit the nearby Sugar Mill ruins while on the beach and can dine in the delightful, ruined old cafés.

Pet owners can get along with their anger, too. Dogs enjoy splashing in the water and relaxing on the sand. The owners will also love to play with them on the beach.

While exploring, travelers should not miss eating at the restaurants available. The restaurants serve local seafood that stands the test of time.

2. Daytona

Visitors find this beautiful coastline in Central Florida on the northeast side of the Atlantic Ocean fascinating. It is full of fun and liveliness, although it is not suitable for people who want peace and quiet. People can use cars and drive along the highways which provide scenic beauty while reaching the beach.

This coastline is historically known for its hard sand which facilitates easy access to restricted areas by motorized vehicles. The sand has made the region a mecca for motorsports. Over the years, many road races have been held here.

Among the great activities there, people here enjoy cycling and hiking. There are clear paths from the beach to the ocean. Vacationers will also love the eco tours because they see the beautiful marine life.

Other family leisure activities include parasailing and windsurfing facilitated by the calm waves. Daytona is actually a great place to learn to surf. In addition, crystal clear aquamarine water is suitable for swimming. It is also possible to fish in the deep sea on the seashore.

Resorts and restaurants along the coast all serve seafood and ethnic cuisine. In addition, some hotels offer ideal accommodations for families and group gatherings. These places ensure travelers are close to golf trips and shopping areas.

3. Flagler

This beach is named after oil tycoon and railroad developer Henry Flagler. This destination is located between Daytona and St. Augustine is an island made up of a small beach town under the same name. Both tourists and locals have free access to the coast.

Because of its connection to the intercostal waterways, the shoreline is suitable for kayaking. Also, there are good surfing conditions that make Flagler an ideal spot for surfers.

Visitors are allowed to rest with a bonfire on the coast. However, they are supposed to follow local guidelines and timeframes. They must use the specified tools after obtaining a permit from the fire department.

The destination has a spacious area that provides enough parking space. Additionally, it offers affordable waterside wedding venues. The coast is less crowded. Thus, individuals can have the entire beach to themselves.

Travelers can enjoy oceanfront dining at the many dining joints with patios located right on the beachfront. The restaurants serve great seafood like fried shrimp and kid-friendly dishes like corn dogs. Local wine with meals.

The beachfront shops sell handcrafted treasures made by local artists. Visitors can purchase these items as souvenirs to serve as physical reminders of their trip to this wonderful destination.

4. St. Augustine

Along the historic coast of Florida, travelers will find this beach. Vehicle access to the beach is allowed for people with private cars.

The place offers everything needed for a wonderful vacation on the coast. Families enjoy relaxing on the coast with bright sunshine and waves on the seashore. They can also take a stroll along the beach watching the beautiful scenery.

During the day, people enjoy various activities. There is a large pavilion and enough space where people can play different games including volleyball. In addition, cyclists enjoy cycling along the beach in the evenings.

Swimming is permitted if individuals do not go within 400 feet of the nearby great fishing pier. Safety in the water is guaranteed because lifeguards are stationed along the coast. Other fun things vacationers can enjoy include surfing and kayaking.

There are excellent seaside resorts and restaurants where people can have meals and snacks. The destination offers comfortable accommodation rooms including hotels and apartments where large groups or solo travelers can stay for extended periods.

5. Melbourne

It is a secluded coastline on a barrier island beside the Indian River. There are no crowds to disturb visitors there, and as such it is ideal for solo travelers looking for a slice of serenity. People can use the bus, bus or car to reach the beach at reasonable rates.

The beach is popular for swimming activities and a special no-boat area. Also, the destination is rich in everything entertainment desired in the trip. It has activities for everyone, from kids to adults.

People enjoy spending time at the seaside or in the water using jet skis or boats. They will love watching the adventurous aquatic life on this guided kayak tour. This allows them to connect with nature and the environment.

Melbourne’s coast is also rich in culture and art. It hosts a theater show where people meet different artists. In addition, it has a local museum for people who want to learn about the culture of Melbourne and Florida in general.

Travelers do not have to worry as this destination will make them feel at home. There is a wide range of hotels where they can sleep and wake up to a beautiful sunrise on the seashore. In addition, the restaurants serve local and international cuisine prepared using local ingredients.

6. Cocoa

For travelers looking for the closest beach to Orlando, this beachfront is about an hour’s drive from Orlando. It’s a family-friendly destination on the gorgeous Space Coast. Individuals can access the shore by land using ride-sharing or travel on water using motorboats.

The coast is famous for its surfing history. She has produced 11-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater. Additionally, it has shallow waters with calm, consistent waves, making it ideal for both novice and experienced surfers.

Moreover, it hosts the largest surf shop in the world, with an area of ​​approximately 52,000 square feet. It is a major attraction that is usually open 24 hours a day. Visitors can purchase everything they need for a relaxing beachside lifestyle, such as bikinis and surfboards.

Other activities include fishing trips and strolls along the sandy coast. Travelers also love outdoor activities such as golfing on the great beach courses. Or kayaking while watching the beautiful marine life.

Cocoa Shore Beach has plenty of amenities to make one’s stay comfortable. For example, there are many eating places where they can enjoy seafood and delicious meals. Moreover, they serve tropical drinks with fresh salads and sandwiches.

After a long day at the beach, visitors can enjoy a good night’s sleep in nearby hotel rooms. Nightlife lovers are not left out either. There are side cafes with clubs where they can relax with excellent jazz music.

Why visit Orlando?

This city offers a wide range of entertainment opportunities for everyone, from solo travelers to group visitors. It has many attractions and natural beauties, from pristine coastlines to themed parks. People need to tour Orlando to experience the beauty that the city has to offer.

The aforementioned destinations are ideal options for individuals who are looking forward to spend their holidays in the ocean. Consider scheduling a trip for your next vacation with family and friends to bond and rejuvenate.