Bonaire Celebrates 30 Years As Being Voted Best Shore Dive Destination

Bonaire She has a lot to celebrate. It’s no secret that the island is a cosmopolitan destination when it comes to shore diving.

in 2022 Dima Show In Orland, Florida, they celebrate voting for “Best Beach Diving Destination” in the Caribbean for 30 years in a row by readers Diving Magazine.

Bonaire Tourism Corporation Marketing and PR Project Coordinator Annette Emrenciana He says the small island municipality in the Netherlands does not plan to stop there. The Bonaire suite in Dima Show It had 15 organizations representing scuba diving and beyond.

“We try to diversify what Bonaire offers,” He said Emerenciana. “Our divers will always come, but we want to highlight the other opportunities for their non-divers family members that we hope to come with them,” She added.

Some activities for divers and friends other than diving in Bonaire Include:

  • navigation

  • Windsurfing

  • navigation

  • National parks

Bonaire Also celebrating a new boutique resort called Blenim House Which will open in early 2023. The resort will be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy thanks to a system of solar panels and batteries.

finally, Bonaire She has come a long way in restoring coral reefs in the past 30 years. Body Dive Resort He is a founding member of Coral Reef Restoration Foundation. They offer lessons to help restore coral that will keep reefs in pristine condition for the next 30 years and beyond.

Written by Robbie Harper