Destination: Emporio Armani – V Magazine

Take a trip down the runway with Armani’s new ready-to-wear collection.

Take a trip down the runway with Armani’s new ready-to-wear collection.

Adventure, luxury and travel are all on the post-pandemic list. Armani settled our passion for something otherworldly and decadent for its Spring/Summer 2023 collection. This season, Emporio Armani used travel as inspiration to showcase its women’s clothing collection in Milan. The ready-to-wear line is called “In Transit” as Armani explores movement, both physical and spiritual. Light and ethereal, Emporio Armani sent flowing silk shirts worn with outerwear and a relaxed mix of pastel jackets with gowns.

The brand refers to the soft palette as an “urban neutral” that shows off pale violet, sea foam, and sage green alongside black and white. Flats and sandals surprised us, no high-heeled shoes were shown confirming Armani’s desire to prioritize comfort and free movement. Clothing is loose-fitting while softening women’s lines by emphasizing a vertical silhouette to elongate the body. With Armani’s desire in the details, beaded uppers adorn the crystal in a shimmering movement.

Beaded necklaces top the more casual looks, while the subtle crystal-embroidered gown took the ensemble from day to night effortlessly. The baggy, semi-sheer pants made of silk fabrics created a wet and fluid effect on the move. The look was finished off with invisible makeup and a touch of shimmer around the eyes.

Watch the full collection unfold below: