Destination Florence | BU Today

Ten lucky dogs who were enrolled last semester in CAS’s Core Curriculum class, Renaissance, Rediscovery, and Reformation, traveled to Florence, Italy, earlier this month, where they spent eight days visiting more than a dozen museums and attending a lecture. In the Medici Archive Project. The trip complemented their studies of Dante, Petrarch, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, and other figures of the Italian Renaissance. They also took a day trip to nearby Siena. Pictured in Florence: Core Faculty Member Robin Stevens (left), Araceli Corelli (CAS’23), Awa Bagi (CAS’25), Natalia Karademtriou (CAS’23), Christian Badawi (CAS’25), Max Wertheimer ( CAS’25), Juan Ruiz (CAS’23), Jennifer Keith (CAS’24), Soren Chang (CAS’25), Ellis Coldrin (CAS’24), and Charlize Kreuger (CAS’25). This was the fourth time Core students had traveled to Florence after taking the class. Photo by Kenna Hamill