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Imbued with real-life Parisian experience, JC Pâtisserie Boulangerie on Henry Street in Abbotsford is a twist on the mold of a traditional Melbourne bakery. Run by young Melbourne native Jonathan Camilleri, the elegant boulangerie is the end product of more than three years of training abroad.

Straight out of high school, Jonathan was accepted into Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, one of the most prestigious culinary schools.

“I applied thinking I would be rejected, it’s not an easy place to get into,” says Jonathan, “I dropped out of high school and moved to Paris and traveled all over France learning about pastries.” His education continued from there with a six-month stint at Ferrendi followed by stints in bakeries throughout France and Italy.

Opened just a few months ago in November 2022, JC’s offering is a departure from a lot of the popular pastries Melbourne has become synonymous with.

A staple on show here is Saint Honoré, a semi-distinctive interpretation of Jonathan’s, a remarkably decadent mixture of puff pastry with Chantilly and patisserie cream and topped with éclairs.

Small eclair-style pastries covered with cream.

“It’s my favorite cake, it’s very popular in Paris and you’ll find it almost everywhere.”

Inside the marble-and-chandelier hanging space, you’ll also admire the gorgeous array of Madelines that come in plain, chocolate, and even orange, baked cheesecake and funky croissants that take on a semi-rectangular shape with a flaky consistency.

At the bar, they have their own blend of coffees that they roast on site at Criteria Coffee. One of the only oddities of true Parisian influence, Jonathan chuckles, “Bless the French, but our roast is more Melbourne flavour.”

A window overlooking a brick road with a coffee maker.

JC Pâtisserie Boulangerie is located at 17 Henry Street in Abbotsford, head here for more.

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Image credit: JC Patisserie Boulangerie (provided)