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Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel play a married couple troubled by bumbling family members – and pirates – before their marriage in gun wedding.

Once again, Jennifer Lopez stars in a rom-com where her character is about to get married. gun wedding However, slightly different from these previous voyages, the proceedings are interrupted by a group of pirates who have taken the wedding guests hostage.

It’s up to the bride and groom, Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel), to save the day. Jason Moore (from pitch perfect) channeling his comedic sensibilities into the film as he takes his first step into the world of action films.

gun wedding It begins by dropping us in the middle of a hellish family event — the rehearsal dinner. The hotel they are staying at in the Philippines may be nice, but nothing else is going so smoothly.

Right from the start, Darcy Lopez has been remarkably likable. The actress plays the same sweet type of character that won her the likes monster in law. But Darcy has some bite to her—more on that later.

The problem initially stems from the people you surround yourself with. The colorful characters that make up Darcy and Tom’s families play out every stereotype in the book. Tom Tom’s mom Carol (the effervescent Jennifer Coolidge) is welcoming and sweet, but a bit arrogant. Meanwhile, Darcy’s mother Renata (Sonja Braga) is reclusive and troubled and her father Robert (Chech Marin) only cares about money and outward appearances. It’s a very volatile mix of people.

In the distance Tom is trying to arrange everything for the big day. Spoiler: It’s not going well. Duhamel likes us instantly by playing Tom as a down-on-his-luck groom who genuinely does the best he can, but it just doesn’t work for the poor guy. And then Darcy’s ex (played almost shirtless by Lenny Kravitz) shows up for the wedding. Could anything else go wrong?

It can, as it turns out. As all of these factors come together and cause the couple to grow cold on the morning of the wedding, leading to an explosive fight, the pirates show up to take the guests hostage. Cue Tom and Darcy have to quickly learn some survival skills and put aside their personal squabbles so they can get help.

Jennifer Lopez as Darcy and Josh Duhamel as Tom in Shotgun Wedding.

In terms of premise and character types, gun wedding In many ways it is similar to last year the lost City. While the Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum action movie had some fun moments, I can’t help but think about it gun wedding What is the lost City It should have been.

For Darcy and Tom, there’s less wilderness wandering and more suspenseful, fun, and, frankly, silly scenes. Duhamel and Lopez seem to be having a lot of fun as they navigate their characters’ evolution from helpless couple to unexpected badass, and I don’t use the term lightly.

There are certain things that you get into gun wedding Predictable – from the adorable turns of Lopez and Duhamel and the petty squabbles between their characters, to the terrific comedic performance of Jennifer Coolidge. I wasn’t expecting a fair amount of blood and Lopez running around with an unexploded grenade. You can’t accuse gun wedding The stakes are not high enough.

Ryan Reynolds was originally supposed to play Tom, and with him dead list An actor in the movie could have felt that the level of violence was more common. With Duhamel playing the character as a very ordinary person, it’s even more surprising. And that goes back to the film’s credit.

What starts out as riotous fun spirals out of control toward absurdity as it nears the end, but it’s still a very entertaining flick. Some of the dialogue could be a bit (or a lot) cheesy, but it’s delivered by a very likable cast who collectively do a very good job. k romcom, gun wedding It offers two loving leads with a great deal of depth, as well as some insights into getting through tough times in relationships.

But, after their wedding was hijacked by pirates, I imagine Tom and Darcy went through more than the average married couple would ever go through.

gun wedding Streaming on Amazon Prime Video January 27th.

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