‘Most preferred investment destination’: CM Khattar lists Haryana’s infra, reforms success

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said Haryana has worked on all fronts of the state’s infrastructure, so much so that every district is interconnected and the time taken to travel between two destinations in the state has been halved. The leader highlighted it as a key factor that makes it an attractive investment destination. He added that since the BJP took over in 2014, the state has been successful in introducing social welfare schemes to citizens, which was not the case previously.

CM Khattar made the remarks while speaking at the “Rashtra Sarvopari Sammelan” of the Bharat Republic in Delhi on Friday.

Infrastructure development in Haryana

Haryana CM reported on the improvement in the state’s infrastructure facilities and said, “We have worked on the infrastructure, whether it is roads, water or air lines. Each district is connected to the other. Travel time has been cut in half”, making the state an attractive investment destination. It was mentioned as well. “Haryana is the safest and most preferred investment destination today. It is the land of concession.”

Successful delivery of care schemes

Khattar said government welfare programs in Haryana would never reach the masses earlier, before the current BJP government came to power in 2014. “We have 70 lakh families in Haryana. The data of each member, what government schemes can be provided We go to their homes and find out what we can offer. Earlier, the blueprints would never reach the masses,” said the leader.

In association with PM Modi

On his personal experience working with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Khattar affirmed that he would never hesitate to try new ideas and said, “If there was any idea that came to his mind, and that was beneficial for the people, for the country, he was not ashamed to try it.”