Pablo Eccchari And Nancy Dupala Holiday Photos In Brazil

Nancy Duplass You are Paul Ashary He decided to take a short break in 2022. That is why he packed his bags with his children and left for Brazil, specifically, Rio de Janeiro. There, the family spent a few days and was captured by a camera as they walked through various tourist sites.

In the pictures, he can be seen wandering some beautiful streets in Rio de Janeiro, his chosen holiday destination. Always together Murray and JulianHis sons who decided to accompany him on this occasion.

Nancy Dobala is on vacation. web

The weather in Brazil was not perfect. For this they had to stay away from the beaches. As usual on gray days, they headed towards the city center. There are various clothing stores that I took the opportunity to visit the different windows that the area has to offer.

Since the temperature was not high, the family could be seen wearing sportswear, prioritizing comfort. This is why jogging pants and hiking jackets are chosen for traveling to different parts of the city.

for the family Paul Ashary You are Nancy Duplass It is common to celebrate holidays abroad. From 2019, before the pandemic, he chose to travel to the old continent to visit Spain. There he also spent some relaxing days with his children.

Pablo Buyer Vacation. feather

Pablo Ekshary and Nancy Dobala holiday photos in Brazil

However, this causes them some problems. is that people choose to criticize them for these decisions because they generally support the economic policies of Kirchnerism. This is why some people look with bad eyes at the fact that they are on vacation in another country.

For now, the family hopes the weather will improve, and the sun will shine again so they can enjoy the beautiful beaches that Rio de Janeiro has to offer. During this time they will be interested in roaming and enjoying other touristic places.