Take a look Inside Laundry Holiday/Yoshio Ice Cream

Japanese company Suppose Design Office has dreamed up a new space in Shikokucho, Japan that looks to turn an annoying task into a fun and worthwhile activity. Aiming to be a good neighbor to everyone, the team has renovated a laundry housed in an old warehouse space into a fun hybrid concept that offers laundry services along with a coffee shop and ice cream stand.

From an external viewpoint, the old corrugated iron fa├žade of the site remains intact. Pulling up to the outdoor parking spaces, visitors will find a largely transparent storefront with concrete seating and terrace greenery while to the left is Yoshio Ice Cream serving coffee and frozen treats across its dark green tiled booth. With the main theme of “365 Days Vacation,” the laundry area is warmly lit with orbs hanging over the ping-pong tables where customers can pass the time while waiting for their laundry to finish. The space offers standard washers and dryers as well as a private self-powered gym laundry machine. At Yoshio Ice Cream, visitors can enjoy locally sourced ice cream and explore the on-site product range.

The Laundry Holiday and Yoshio Ice Cream concept space is now open. Take a closer look at the unique site above.

Laundry Vacation / Yoshio’s Ice Cream
574-1 Nakanochocho, Shikokucho City,
Ehime Prefecture, Japan

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