TIFF 2022 Best Performances From Viola Davis to Tilda Swinton to Colin Farrell

The Toronto International Film Festival is finally approaching, leaving behind a feast of shows that people will talk about once they reach the masses.

For some, that means the start of a long, months-long run before the Oscars — after all, TIFF is nothing if not the number one gun in the Oscars race. As with any festival, there have been some disappointments among the award hopefuls who will have to fight to stay afloat in the coming months. This included heavy attackers (Harry Styles in .). policeman), a cute nonstarster (Florence Pugh in wonders), and the blatant trophies of pornographic misery (oy to Sonditto for Whale).

But for other performers, a super festival performance can completely change their standing or how they are perceived in a volatile and competitive industry. Rat race aside – although expect to see some of these names at the finish line – here are the best and most memorable performances we’ve seen at TIFF this year.

Paul Mescal – after the sun

The festival included a few films that focused on mental health issues, but none of them performed as aggressively as Meskal’s portrayal of a father trying to stifle inner turmoil while on vacation with his teenage daughter. The film was created as a memory, and like the people in our most complex memories, Meskal makes us feel like we can fully see who this father is, while at the same time remaining a complete mystery. It’s a quiet but agonizing performance, the one that most haunted me throughout the festival.

Dolly De Leon – sadness triangle

De Leon barely appears in this year’s Palme d’Or winner. But once her yacht maid Abigail takes center stage in Act Three on the island, the actress dominates. anyway sadness triangle Erring on the side of obsession for most of its running time, De Leon delivers a relentless dead-end turn that brings the film into its final stretch, becoming the undeniably best player out of his large, globe-spanning group. Already a major name in her home country of the Philippines, we’ll keep our fingers crossed until Hollywood recognizes her when the movie enters the Oscar race.

Colin Farrell – Inisherin from Inisherin

This is a feminine man. If there’s ever been a quintessential Martin McDonagh actor (outside of his theatrical work, at least), it’s Colin Farrell. But here, Farrell also plays what might also be the quintessential McDonagh Letter In Pádraic, a stupid and resolute Irish man declares war on his best friend who informally bans him. Farrell is funny as expected, especially when Pádraic gets hurt by being kicked out of the gentleman’s demeanor. But it was the faint glimmer of darkness under his weight that still lingered.

Viola Davis – woman king

Viola Davis, Action Star has finally arrived, and it’s the complete success we’ve been hoping for. It’s further proof that, as one of our top movie stars, she really can do anything. Her performance as Nanisca warrior takes major emotional swings, while still keeping the massive saga ingrained in her human story. Could she be the first Best Actress nominee for an action movie since Sigourney Weaver Aliens? Fingers intertwined!

Bill Nighy – living

In this remake of Akira Kurosawa’s ikiru, Adapted by genius author Kazuo Ishiguro and redirected to post-World War II London, Nighy plays a city bureaucrat who reevaluates his daily life when he faces a final diagnosis. As he examines the purpose of his life, the actor’s earthquakes of emotion produce a slight force. We’ve seen Nighy running near this log before (imagine about time Without all the major monologues) and the movie seems like a silly bummer, but it’s hard to avoid the subtly mods as Nighy does here. And he sings!

Isaiah Lehtinen – I love movies

This Canadian teen comedy gem was one of the festival’s big discoveries — think Juno The Bro film starring and set in the blockbuster movie – as was the main young actor, providing the core of the film’s hilariously funny and surprisingly hilarious. Lehtinen plays Lawrence, a kind of know-it-all, a teenage boy obsessed with Kubrick who would usually be the most annoying type of hero. But Lehtinen’s charismatic portrayal (along with Chandler LeVak’s thoughtful direction) turns Lawrence’s story into one of the funniest and most sympathetic adult films of recent years.

Tang Wei – Decision to leave

Wei is known to the American audience for her high-profile action in the erotic thriller Ang Lee Lust and caution. Here, she is once again embroiled in a deeply turbulent and fraudulent case, which depicts a woman whose husband dies under suspicious circumstances. The film flirts first with “did or didn’t” before diving headlong into a harrowing, dystopian romance, with the mysterious Wei not revealing character cards too soon. When the movie opens, she does so in a very cool and totally eye-catching way.

Lea Seydoux – beautiful morning

As a woman battling her father’s dementia and a love affair with a married man, Seydoux delivers her weakest performance yet – one that is deeply relatable. Although the role requires Seydoux to spontaneously burst into tears a few times, her work in Mia Hansen-Løve’s most recent work is the most exciting of its quiet moments. beautiful morning France’s presentation of the international Oscar is likely to be, but voters should also pay attention to how Seydoux captures the daily anguish of love and loss.

Jeremy Pope – inspection

We’ve already highlighted the great work of Gabrielle Union in the film, but Pope has the same impact at the center of the film. Standing the door for writer-director Elegance Bratton’s real-life experience in the military to win the favor of his homophobic mother, Tony’s double-candidate Bob turns the dynamo scene into a movie. It is an undeniable emotional force.

Aaron Beer – brother

After his short role in the movie Barry Jenkins Underground railway Limited series, Pierre makes a stronger impression in this intimate Canadian drama that follows two brothers and their immigrant mother, who grapple with the psychological weight of violence, racism and shattered dreams. The actor’s role as the eldest son is a storm of rebellion, emotion, and heartbreak, proving that Pierre is a major star in the making.

Honestly, everyone in fabelmann

Of all the movies where it’s hard to scream at one artist, Spielberg’s spontaneous movie fabelmann prevail. Michelle Williams, as the director’s complex mother, has a lot to do with crazy character twists and buried regrets. In just about ten minutes into his fame time, Judd Hirsch has bottled his premiere audience into the stratosphere as an eccentric, wise, and humorously terrifying uncle. Gabriel LaBelle has the impossible task of playing (copy) young Spielberg without getting lost among the most famous and famous co-stars. It delivers an incredibly glamorous and powerless performance. Who knew that Seth Rogen could be so thin?! But the one performance you’ve probably heard of (and unfairly) the best: Paul Dano as the realist and sentimental Fapelmann patriarch. It is the performance of Dano’s profession, one filled with heart-rending notes of grace in fabelmannThe most exciting moment.

Tilda Swinton and Tilda Swinton – immortal daughter

The best film at the festival is matched by the elusive performance at its center. after, after souvenir From the films, Joanna Hogg’s cinematic autobiographical novel continues in the gothic setting where Tilda Swinton plays the director. And the Her mother. The daughter is all too desperate to understand the elusive mother, who does not wish to be seen so intensely. Both displays are a reflection of our inability to understand those closest to us; It’s a duality that only Swinton could possibly have achieved with that level of slow-burning feeling and no shivering, but moving skew.

different donkeys EO

This Jury Prize-winning Cannes fantasy about the human beast seen through the eyes of the eponymous circus donkey was brought to life by director Jerzy Skolimowski and the six donkeys (Taco, Hula, Marietta, Ituri, Rocco, and Mila, all very good donkeys) who play with him. Impressively, the movie makes EO feel like a real character, and holistically reveals his fearlessness, his coldness, his curiosity, and his comfort as any human movie would. babe who??

Vicky Crips – corsage

corsage It’s nothing if not a monument to why Krieps has become one of the sexiest screen shows in recent years: She thrives on playing characters who never interact as you’d expect. Here, Krieps’ depiction of Empress Elisabeth of Austria at 40 is a very physical depiction and sinisterly funny – even as she can barely move a muscle, throwing glare and her half-excited middle fingers just as heavy.

Olivia Colman – The Empire of Light

Director Sam Mendes’ latest work, a homage to cinema as a dying and unifying force, is disappointing and scattered — but that doesn’t stop Academy Award-winning Coleman from delivering another fully realized performance as a theater employee who falls in unexpected love and struggles with a mental illness. Once again, she makes a complete emotional commitment to a role, reaffirming that she is a strong and unique actress whose films can never be watched because of her presence alone.

Michael Gibson / Courtesy of TIFF

Judith Ivey – woman talking

While Sarah Polley’s latest directing effort is yet another movie that deserves a nod to its entire cast, it’s the powerful Ivy who packs his strongest emotional punch as a Mennonite mother exposed to the rampant sexual assault rampant in their community. While some of the film’s superstars (including Claire Foy, Jesse Buckley, and Ben Whishaw) have already gotten talk of Oscar nominations, it’s Ivy who deserves it the most.

Amir Ibrahimi visited – Holy spider

Already receiving a Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival last May, Ebrahimi plays a fictional journalist in the pursuit of the real-life spider killer, an Iranian guard who murdered more than a dozen sex workers in Mashhad. The actress not only carries the tension of the film in her daring pursuit, but also her rage when faced with systemic indifference. For what would be an alternate character for the audience by heart, she creates something deep and human in her anger.

Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry – bridge

bridge It totally depends on these two actors, who bring out the best in each other while working within a minor key. They both shine as hollow loners with surviving family demons (Lawrence is a soldier recovering from combat-related traumatic injuries; Henry is a mechanic burdened with regret), but their incredible chemistry plays out like two open wounds that are rubbed together.

park ji min – Back to Seoul

In her first film role, Park Ji Min plays a young French woman named Freddy who visits her family while on vacation in South Korea. The film then follows her throughout the next decade, with the actress convincingly playing Freddy as she ages and experiences tidal changes in her identity—particularly when it comes to her relationship with being an adoptee. It’s an impressive debut performance, at the same time fascinating and accurate in portraying Freddy’s psychological development. Additionally, she has the most enviable dance moves in movies in years.

All from Cameos in glass onion

Much respect to the main crew for this Take out the knives A sequel (especially Kate Hudson’s comedic brilliance as a celebrity model prone to waning and shining Janelle Monáe), but the movie is a lot, a lot, many Engraving that will make people talk. Corrupting any number of them is a crime that should be punished by gross public disgrace. Someone made me cry. Another (receiving a solo credit in the film’s final credits pictures) had me screaming and screaming with gay joy. The funniest is just the sound, in the most distorted way. Cumulatively, they are approx very A lot, but they’ll both be fun when the movie hits Netflix in December (and in theaters on a date to be determined).