Two Families are Suing the Owners of a $10,000 Luxury Hamptons Rental Home After Claiming the Owners Prevented Them From Adjusting the Cooling System by Two Degrees

  • Two families filed a lawsuit after asking rental property owners to refuse to solve problems with the home.
  • Guests claim that they are not allowed to adjust the air conditioning.
  • According to the lawsuit, the family paid $10,000 for a 14-day stay in the Hamptons.

Two New York families have filed a lawsuit claiming that their vacation was destroyed when the owners of their Hamptons rental home prevented them from adjusting the air conditioning by two degrees.

KENA BETANCUR / Getty Images via Business Insider

KENA BETANCUR / Getty Images via Business Insider

Toby Cohen and Jonathan Neiman allege that their families were treated as “squatters” and their safety was threatened during their 14-day stay in a luxury rental home in the Hamptons owned by Agnese Milbardi and Edward Gass, according to the lawsuit.

“Based on prior events, Milbardi and Gass breached the agreement to provide the plaintiffs with ‘leave rent.’ Instead, the situation was akin to treating the plaintiffs as fraudsters in the hand that Milbardi and Gass were trying to remove from the property by making it uninhabitable and unfit for use,” the lawsuit said. habitable and unsafe.”

According to the lawsuit, Cohen and Neiman agreed to pay $10,000 to rent the luxury home for their family vacation from August 22 to September 5.

According to the complaint, the two families who all stayed at home, one of whose wife included an eight-month pregnant mother and children under eight, could not sleep comfortably for the remainder of the stay.

The two-story, three-bedroom home, which is listed as a “vacation rental,” was cooled by small central air conditioning controlled by a Nest thermostat set to at least 70 degrees, according to the suit.

The family claims they were unable to adjust the temperature of the house they were renting, adding that because the air conditioning unit is located across from the house from the bedrooms, their rooms do not receive airflow.

Milbardi refused to adjust the temperature from 70 degrees to 68, knowing that the air conditioner did not cool the house properly after the two families requested a change, the family claimed.

Cohen and Neiman said their families were “forced to put up with constant discomfort” while staying at Hampton House.

According to the lawsuit, the home’s backyard was sprayed with insecticide without warning the family in advance.

The lawsuit alleges that “when Milbardi and Gass were made aware of the problems, rather than trying to help correct the issues that were entirely under their control, they asked the plaintiffs and their children to absorb and deal with them.”